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Tel: 2881-1120 / Mobile: 9612-7719 info@mwbase.hk 灣仔秀華坊27號地下 27 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



MWbase Travel offer impartial advice to find you the perfect flexible holiday, you may yearn a tour with your own flexible routes or activities. You may want to have your own trips exclusively, may be from a folk in-twos to in-two hundreds. All runner groups or organization are welcome!

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MWbase Travel is the athletic travel brand and was established by a gang of studious young people, full of youth and vitality on travel, tramp and exercises. Our prime philosophy focus on athletic travel, healthy dietary and the elements of leisure. 

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MWbase Travel journal emphasized that a passionate heart to scope out the world in different angles, explore every avenue, unfamiliar paths, possibility and great scenes to open up our scopes.

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MWbase Travel puts the extracted essentialities together to form a BASE which is a venue for people to spend one's time in idle chitchat, share your epic athletic history, relish coffee and get a little read on the popular magazines leisurely. Besides, in order to support the GREEN environment, water refill service is provided in the BASE.

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